The strike of the employees at the McDVOICE

A Kansas police officer resigned after falsely accusing McDonald’s employees of writing “pig” on the mourner’s coffee cup after he wrote it himself.

At a joint press conference Monday (above) with a McDonald’s representative, Brian Hornaday, Herington Police Chief, described the incident with the trophy as a “joke” and a “black eye.” “for law enforcement.

McDonald’s had nothing to do with the insult in the cup, he said. “It was done entirely and exclusively by a Herington police officer who is no longer at our agency,” added Hornaday.

Hornaday shared a photo of the mug in an angry Facebook post following the manager’s complaint Saturday. The message has been removed.

Hornaday said the former police officer’s actions “do not reflect the values ​​or character of the typical Herington police officer.”

The police officer, a former military police officer, had been in the department for two months. It was not identified. The accusation should be a “joke,” Hornaday said.

McDonald’s managers reviewed the video surveillance tapes after the incident and found that an employee was not responsible.

The workers “have the highest respect for all members of the security and armed forces and are concerned about the allegations,” the franchisee told kSNT-TV, a partner with NBC.

Senator Kamala Harris (Democrat of California) will travel to McDonald’s workers in Iowa on Saturday to demand $ 15 an hour and the right to form a union.

The California senator and democratic candidate for 2020 announced her plans to HuffPost on Wednesday, saying she would defend union rights if she were elected president.

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Saturday’s strike is part of the union-backed fight for the $ 15 movement, which requires an increase in minimum wages for workers in many sectors of the country.

Sherry Currie, a 48-year-old cashier at McDonald’s in Des Moines, said she made $ 8.50 an hour and was having trouble feeding herself and her three daughters.

“It is not possible,” Currie said. Every month I have a hard time paying my bills while I work with disrespect. Meanwhile, McDonald’s is making billions of earnings from workers like me.

Currie and other McDonald’s employees fight for union rights to address systemic issues like low wages, sexual harassment, and workplace violence at the world’s largest restaurant chain.

The right to join my workers and form a union would solve big problems like low wages and bully at work. This week we asked McDonald’s to listen, he said. Currie

McDonald’s has been accused of taking revenge on union activists, including the completion of a lawsuit at the Federal Department of Labor in 2016.

“The average starting salary at corporate restaurants exceeds $ 10 an hour and the federal minimum wage,” a company spokesperson told HuffPost on Wednesday. McDonald’s believes that elected officials have a responsibility to establish, debate, and change statutory minimum wages and are not involved in activities that oppose an increase in the minimum wage. McDonald’s recognizes the right of individual workers to join or choose not to participate in labor organizations.