Rating the services of the DGCustomerFirst

In addition, the government reported $ 1.1 billion in capacity under its revolving line of credit, which leaves much flexibility in difficult times.

A preventive measure that was also taken during the quarter was to temporarily suspend the $ 1.15 billion share buyback program. The company only acquired about 0.5 million units in the quarter, representing approximately $ 63 million. It is truly unfortunate that management has not increased these purchases as the company had a 31.7% return on investors of $ 184.11 each at the time of this launch. The same $ 63 million is worth around $ 83 million today. For example, the repurchase of $ 300 million shares at the same price would result in an implicit return to shareholders of $ 95 million compared to just $ 20 million. Despite this precaution, the company decided to pay its front-line employees $ 60 million in “capital appreciation bonds.”

General dollar investors should be happy with all of these measures. I do not think this growth will continue in the coming quarters, but even if we return to the growth of the status quo, the outlook for investors will be good. However, the real risk is that the request may have been cited and that a return to normal could result in some type of withdrawal in the coming months. While this is possible, the fact that the majority of the company’s revenue was generated from consumables should mean that the likely impact is limited. However, management does not assume any risk.

DGCustomerFirst Survey

Dollar General has introduced the DGCustomerFirst Survey on the official website. By participating in this survey, the customers can place their honest feedback and opinions.

This survey can be accessed on the official website of the Dollar General. DGCustomerFirst has been working like a charm for the management team of the Dollar General.

If you are a regular customer of the Dollar General, you should visit the official website of the Dollar General and make sure that you conduct this online survey.

The DGCustomerFirst hardly takes any time from the customers. The main thing it demands is your honesty. Each and every feedback on the official website will have a deep impact on the services of the Dollar General, thus it is necessary to be honest while answering the survey questionnaire.

On March 12, management released a policy that forecasts comparable store sales this year between 2.5% and 3% and sales growth of 7%. 5% and 8% for the year. This plan includes 1,000 stores, 1,500 conversions, and 80 moves. Management continues with this expansion strategy and maintains investments between $ 925 and $ 975 million. It also estimates that the financial results for the year are higher than the forecast of 12% of EPS sales and EPS growth (10% excluding certain legal fees). However, given the great uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the company decided to suspend the guidelines in the near future. Given the worsening pandemic, consumer behavior is not known enough to adequately reduce potential growth in income and earnings.

Changes in the DGCustomerFirst

A lot of interesting things are happening right now for DGCustomerFirst and its shareholders. The discount experienced an explosion gap, but the current environment brings uncertainty to the equation. Most likely, the image remains optimistic for this business, but how long and to what extent is it really impossible to predict. I think investors should not expect this growth to continue beyond the second quarter year on year, but I would also be surprised at the composition of the company’s sales if the numbers decrease due to the impact of early sales this year.

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