FaceTime vs Whatsapp for Windows PC: Who wins the race?

Well, there are many reasons to use FaceTime for Windows. Also, the many features are without a doubt some of the biggest selling points. Here are some resources:

Simple and easy to use

There are no delicate buttons to understand when calling FaceTime for Windows! It literally offers one of the simplest and most intuitive layouts that new and old users can use to make calls as quickly as possible! All you have to do is find the person you want to call (it must be an active Apple user! It doesn’t matter what device you are on! It can also be a Mac or iPad switch, it doesn’t have to be a call from iPhone!) and press the call button. Please note that users can call someone by video or voice during Facetime!

Why FaceTime for Windows?

FaceTime for Windows is the best application that provides the facility of a high-quality audio and video call.

FaceTime for Windows application has simplified the business work, and also it has made sure that the people are able to stay in contact easily. The FaceTime for Windows makes sure that the application is helpful to the people who lack the time factor.


Yes, you read it correctly. FaceTime for Windows users no longer have to pay to make voice or video calls with Facetime! All calls are made through the Internet. So when you make a call with Facetime, you just have to pay for your data plan! Even better if you have wifi.

Use your camera correctly

With Facetime, you can not only use the front or rear camera alone but also use both cameras for the same call at the same time. Simply switch between cameras with the on-screen button to switch between the two cameras!

Regular updates

The Facetime app continues to receive regular updates bringing some of the latest advances in video calling technology. Apple knows how to please its customers with the quality of updates released from time to time. You can currently find the latest version in the Apple App Store.

Ease of access

Do you have an important message to send during a call? FaceTime for Windows you covered! You can put the face time in the background while the call continues and perform all other tasks.

Seamlessly switch between audio and video

Switching between audio and video is easy when using FaceTime for Windows! You can start an audio call and change it to video or vice versa. Calls also come with standard features like mute, mute, turn the camera off, etc.

Facetime alternatives for Windows!

Now problems can arise when trying to understand how Facetime runs on your Windows PC. Some steps may fail or we may not be able to help you as soon as possible, but that’s the point. If for some reason you can’t run Facetime on Windows, there are currently many alternatives on the market that allow you to make video calls on different platforms. We have created a comprehensive list of the best cross-platform video calling alternatives for Facetime that you can use on Windows. So give them a try!

The FaceTime for Windows is a highly encrypted application. Thus, this application is trustable in every aspect. It has been providing the best results in terms of audio and video for a good time now.

FaceTime for Windows launched in 2016 and was called by many Facetime for Android. Basically Android users like Facetime could call with one ringtone and only once during a video call. However, FaceTime for Windows has gone a step further and also added support for iOS, so users can connect via Google Duo as long as their Google accounts are connected. Google Duo offers many interesting features, but one element is missing: the inability to add more than one person to a video call.