A series of disrespects at the UPSers

A man who killed three other UPS drivers does not appear to have respected his employees, but it was unclear if this was the reason for the bloodshed, a police officer said Friday.

The chief of the San Francisco Police Department was unable to provide details and warned that this was one of many possible reasons for Wednesday’s shooting. The police spoke on condition of anonymity since the investigation is ongoing and the San Francisco police have not publicly discussed the case.

Jimmy Lam, 38, opened fire at a morning meeting of www.upsers.com drivers at a San Francisco company’s warehouse before drivers left for delivery. Lam and the victims worked outside the warehouse.

Shaun Vu, a senior www.upsers.com driver, said Lam also had personal problems and was depressed a few years ago. It had improved, but Vu said Lam had been concerned for a few weeks. At the time, Lam filed a complaint alleging that he had worked overtime.

Police said Lam apparently attacked the three drivers he killed. However, it is not clear that these drivers, Benson Louie, Mike Lefiti, and Wayne Chan, have anything to do with their apparent disrespect.

34-year-old www.upsers.com pilot Jevir Gray refused to allow the victims to ignore Lam, saying they were “very good people.”

“You were my mentors,” he said. “I admired him.”

Signing In At UPSers

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Vu said Lam appeared to be friends with the three men he had killed.

The www.upsers.com driver Leopold Parker, who witnessed the shooting, said camp drivers generally understand each other and don’t want to work there. If they had a problem with their colleagues, they would talk to them or ignore them. He also noted that drivers spend a lot of time alone in their trucks, so they have limited interaction with their employees.

Lam sometimes complained about the workload, but Parker said he never thought Lam was violent.

Parker, 53, was standing next to his truck in the morning when Lam approached and shot Louie in the head, he said. Louie was a few yards from Parker. Lam looked at Parker.

“I heard a noise. I saw a flash. I saw Benson fall in front of me,” he said. He looked at me, so I thought he was next because he was next to Benson.

But Lam went in the opposite direction. Parker entered the cab of the truck and said he saw some bodies on the floor as he watched. He ran to the roof of the building after seeing Lam approach an exit.

Joe Cilia, a union representative representing UPS employees in San Francisco, said witnesses told him that Lam Chan shot him in the back after shooting Louie, then approached him and “killed” him.

Lefiti fled the building when Lam went down a street and shot him, he said, citing witnesses.

The www.upsers.com violence ended when Lam took aim and committed suicide when workers fled the packaging factory and the police closed, police said.

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