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A series of disrespects at the UPSers

A man who killed three other UPS drivers does not appear to have respected his employees, but it was unclear if this was the reason for the bloodshed, a police officer said Friday. The chief of the San Francisco Police Department was unable to provide details and warned that this was one of many possibleRead More

Rating the services of the DGCustomerFirst

In addition, the government reported $ 1.1 billion in capacity under its revolving line of credit, which leaves much flexibility in difficult times. A preventive measure that was also taken during the quarter was to temporarily suspend the $ 1.15 billion share buyback program. The company only acquired about 0.5 million units in the quarter,Read More

The strike of the employees at the McDVOICE

A Kansas police officer resigned after falsely accusing McDonald’s employees of writing “pig” on the mourner’s coffee cup after he wrote it himself. At a joint press conference Monday (above) with a McDonald’s representative, Brian Hornaday, Herington Police Chief, described the incident with the trophy as a “joke” and a “black eye.” “for law enforcement.Read More

Shortage of burgers at the TalktoWendys?

The meat shortage in supermarkets and other supermarkets across the country caused a famous phrase from the ’80s in some Wendy locations across the country to raise some strange questions. Where is TalktoWendys meat? Some restaurants in Wendy have removed their typical burgers from the menu. A deficiency was reported in parts of California, SouthRead More

Walgreenslistens moving its employees to the private health care

Walgreen Co. will transfer 120,000 employees to a private health insurance market to be insured directly by carriers, the company said Wednesday. The pharmacy chain will join 17 other Aon Hewitt Health Exchange employers to offer employees fixed dollar amounts to buy their own plans on those exchanges. The final cost of the employee dependsRead More